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Carlsbad State of City Video


** As originally published by the City of Carlsbad on 25 August 2014


I have worked with the Mayor on his Education Outreach. We have discussed the importance of the relationship of education and Carlsbad's economic growth and vitality, and the need to attract companies looking for high performing schools, work force readiness, and an educated workforce.


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Vista Wise to Reject Discount Store Booze


** As originally published in The Coast News on Aug. 15, 2014; written by Ray Pearson


Nobody would fault the need to improve a blighted shopping center with more commerce. However, when that commerce includes alcohol sales in a high-crime neighborhood, then leaders must take a step back and assess the best course for the community and public safety.


One of the most effective approaches for reducing excessive drinking and its many health and social consequences is to limit the physical availability of alcohol. Numerous studies confirm that neighborhoods with dense concentration of alcohol outlets experience higher rates of alcohol consumption, binge drinking, violence, and underage drinking. Due to all those concerns, Dollar General recently lost its bid to sell beer and wine in a 10-year-old shopping center on North Santa Fe Avenue in Vista’s Townsite neighborhood.


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Carlsbad Unified Delivers Savings to Local Taxpayers


** As originally published in the Carlsbad Unified School District Newsletter; posted by Sharan Merchant


Carlsbad Unified School District is proud to announce its most recent initiative to benefit its students and community members. This initiative will deliver bond interest savings to local taxpayers from the refinancing of some of the District’s Election of 2006 Proposition “P” Bonds.  Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees, Superintendent Dr. Suzette Lovely chose to take advantage of historically low interest rates to refinance the District’s Election of 2006 Proposition “P” Bonds without extending the term of those bonds. The District was able to reduce the interest rates on the bonds from 4.98% to 2.42%, reducing the community’s tax bill by $1.132 million over the next 13 years.


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SD News 6 Alcohol "Sticker Shock" Program


** As originally published by San Diego News Channel 6; published July 4, 2014 with Ray Pearson


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