My Democratic opponent and her colleagues have controlled California for years and have
over-promised and under-delivered on healthcare. We need to reduce the cost of health care by removing unnecessary and expensive government regulation. 
When I'm serving you in Sacramento, I will:


  • Invest further into Medi-Cal. We can start to reduce the high costs of healthcare by making sure that the state correctly and properly reimburses for services provided to those who are most in need.

  • Pursue common sense solutions to ease the financial burden on our hospitals, such as amending the hospital seismic mandates, while ensuring safe access to care during emergencies.

  • Remove regulations that prevent Nurse Practitioners and Doctors Assistants from operating their own offices. 


As a father and a Carlsbad Unified School Board Member supporting our children and helping them achieve their dreams has always been my passion. I've been a leader in the fight to keep our students in school and helped transform Carlsbad into one of the best performing school districts in the state. I believe that a solid and well-rounded education is the most important thing that we can provide our children.  


Everyone deserves shelter and access to all of the necessities in life. Unfortunately a number of factors, including a lack of mental health services, an explosion of addiction, and a lack of housing across our state have led to the crisis we're facing today. When I'm serving you in Sacramento, I will:


  • Establish working partnerships between local law enforcement, city services, mental health service providers, non-profits, faith-based groups, the Veterans Administration, the County of San Diego, and the State of California. Ending homelessness in our communities will only happen if we have a bold leader in Sacramento who will bring all of these organizations together and create real pathways to rehabilitation and independence.


Democrats in Sacramento, including my opponent, have abandoned California taxpayers. They've never met a tax they didn't love and they've done their best to make it impossible for our families to live here or run our businesses. When I'm serving you in Sacramento, I will:


  • Oppose any and all taxes that make it harder for our families and small businesses to thrive. 

  • Fight to bring an end to the shameful waste of taxpayer dollars on pet projects and personal favors. Our taxes are meant for our schools and roads, not for Gavin Newsom's bullet train.

  • Fight back against "politics as usual" in Sacramento. It's time to stop deceiving voters with rosy-named ballot measures and bills that actually make your life harder and take away your rights.


The 76th Assembly District has one of the highest concentrations of veterans and active duty servicemembers in the nation. We're blessed to have so many of those brave men and women in uniform living here and contributing to our communities. Our state doesn't seem to understand that though. Year after year politicians like my opponent have failed to support our military families and veterans. California is home to only 12.3% of all Americans, but it has 28% of all homeless veterans – 10,836 people as of 2018. Even more tragic is the fact that 688 veterans in California take their lives on average. I know I'm not alone when I say that both of those statistic are unacceptable. When I'm serving you in Sacramento, I will:

  • Secure more funding for housing programs through CalVet so that we can get more of our veterans off the streets.

  • Increase funding for mental health services and push for more cooperation between the VA and CalVet to prevent veteran suicide. 

  • Introduce legislation to make sure California recognizes occupational licenses earned by our servicemembers and their spouses in other states. Many of our military personal and their spouses received training and valuable experience outside of California before moving here. With all the other challenges they face, a change of address shouldn't be another obstacle to their success and financial security.

  • Pass legislation that makes it easier and cheaper for veteran entrepreneurs to start a business.


Owning your own home is the American Dream. Home ownership provides economic freedoms and future
possibilities that no other type of purchase gives you. Home ownership today continues to be out of reach
for many though. Developers have opted for decades to build luxury housing instead of the affordable types that working Californians desperately need. When I'm serving you in Sacramento, I will:

  • Stand up for homeowners, especially the elderly, and protect Proposition 13 which keeps them in their homes.

  • We must make it cheaper and easier for builders to build homes priced well under $600,000. We can do this by reducing fees, red tape, and burdensome regulations that add no value. In California, it is estimated that state and local regulations can add as much as $100,000 to the price of a home.

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