These are my 3 key focus points:
Direct more dollars in the classroom without placing more of a burden on Carlsbad taxpayers.
  • Finding ways to reduce expenses, such as our high energy costs, needs to be a priority. 


  • Creating operational efficiencies in order to reduce costs also needs to be explored.  This can be accomplished by expanding current community partnerships to identify new ways we can collaborate that will reduce CUSD's operating costs.


  • A full survey of all CUSD faculties, properties, equipment and classrooms needs to be done to identify whether they are being utilized to their fullest extent and determine if cost savings or new revenues can be found.

 Ensure the success of all our K-12 Students.
  • We need to better understand the needs of our economy in order to prepare our K-12 students.  This can be accomplished by collaborating with business and corporations and encouraging their input concerning our K-12 curriculum and identifying what skills their employees will need to be successful. 


  • Ensuring all our high school graduates are not only prepared to go to college but that they are successful in college needs to be our focus.  We need to know that our graduates are completing college and are able to find a job.  This can be accomplished by evaluating college graduation and employability rates and use that information when establishing standards and curriculum for our K-12 students.

Being a voice for ALL of our community, students, parents, grandparents, taxpayers, will be the highest priority.
  • Everyone in Carlsbad benefits from a high performing school district.  Businesses will want to move here and create new jobs.  High quality schools mean families will want to move to our community and that will increase property values.  There is a strong correlation between a prosperous Carlsbad and an excelling Carlsbad Unified School District.  Working together insures a bright future for our community and students.


  • Improve communications and a higher level of transparency in the decision making process are key to gain the trust of our community.  Work to televise school board meetings for the benefit of working parents and those in our community who cannot attend in order to increase awareness of issues facing CUSD and make the process more transparent.