These are my key focus points:
Family Choices in a Covid World.
  • One size does not fit every family’s needs.

  • Advocating for students and teachers to be safely returned to in-classroom instruction.

  • Give families the option to have their kids stay at their home school and to be instructed virtually.

  • Advocate for a family option of Independent Study model for all interested students in grades K through 12. Combination of live online instruction, at home learning activities that are in sync with online teaching, and independent work opportunities.

  • Provide solutions for working parents for child care and supervision, while students are at home.​

High Quality Education.
  • All students should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Continue to work for multiple pathways to college and career.

  • Increase the business, bio tech, and medical community involvement in providing internships, mentors, speakers, and virtual visits.

  • All students graduate with the life skills to be independent in their adult lives.

Individualized Student Experience.
  • All students receive the attention and tools necessary to be successful.

  • Continue to work toward smaller classrooms to provide more time for teacher/student interaction.

  • Build K-12 digital competency and protocol for respectful social media interaction.

Stewardship of Tax Payer Dollars.
  • May it be Proposition HH or funds from the state or federal government which come from tax payers. Be wise and prudent with these funds as though it was my own money.

  • Refinance Prop HH Bonds to reduce tax payer’s future payments.

  • Make it easy for the families to access students' and each school’s performance.